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Beitrag Titel: Event Suggestions
Verfasst am: 03.02.12 22:42
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As the title says, suggestions for events shall be posted here,
because i want to keep the announcement thread clear and
give a possibility to discuss the ideas to improve them further.
The Eventmanagers will then see, if the events are possible to do and whether they need much time for preparations or are rather
easy to organize. Then we can decide when we do the events, under the condition that they are good and we think they would attract enoguh players.

So feel free to post you ideas

Mormegil - Eventmanager, Councilvorsitzender

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financial_expert_silber time_bandit_gold basefinder_gold jumpholefinder_gold

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Verfasst am: 04.02.12 10:03
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I already told you about that in TS, but the other should know it too:

1. "Arena Wars" (Old >F2G<'s and DFLS players may remember)

It's a PvP turnament in New Berlin a the Ring.
The basic rules are simple: don't leave the Ring. The other things depend on the PvP type. (We used LMS with Double Knock out)

(Original Idea by Rainbow afik)

2. "Catch the cardamine" (Old >F2G<'s may remember, too^^)

In a defined region (maybe the Ring) all participating players fight aginst each other. When they die, they respawn and go back in the Ring.
While this a transporter drops a few hundred goods in 1good-containers in the battlefield.
The fighters loot them while fighting and after 10-15 minutes it will be compared who has the most goods in his cargo space.

This REQUIRES a admin support, as the need to change the drop rate of this good from 50% to 100%, otherwise its not possible to play this event.

(Original Idea by Seppo/Breeze and me)
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