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Beitrag Titel: Freelancer world cup II
Verfasst am: 20.10.05 17:25
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There are many freelancer servers. Some are visited a lot of. We held the numbers of visitors statistically.

Some servers got this notification in their forum because they are a server with a lot of players. It concerns, that a number of supervisors sat down together and wanted to plan a PvP tournament, with the taken discussions came out that no tournament is admits, comparable to would be a world champion-cup.

Hereby we would like to announce that we planed a freelancer-world-cup and want to accomplish it with the servers which have a lot of players. They are the servers with the most players, why a world champion probably would be found on their servers.


All other things we put on a homepage.

1. http://fwc.mgattinger.de
2. http://freelancer-world-cup.mgattinger.de
3. http://freelancer.world.cup.mgattinger.de
4. http://freelancerworldcup.mgattinger.de
5. http://www.fwc.mgattinger.de
6. http://www.freelancer-world-cup.mgattinger.de
7. http://www.freelancer.world.cup.mgattinger.de
8. http://www.freelancerworldcup.mgattinger.de

You can use the Link which you want.


We can't look into every Forum every time. Sent every question an E-Mail to freelancer-world-cup@gmx.net, please.
All informations will be published on the homepage. Inform yourself there, please.


A lot of fun
the supervisors
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